30 60 90 Days Onboarding Plan

Embrace a completely innovative way to train your sales team. Download our most popular template-- 30 60 90 days gamified training plan

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In this template, you will get:

  • A day-wise gamified sales training plan for 90 days
  • A worksheet to create your own gamified training plan
  • And, learn about the SmartWinnr’s way of running this gamified training plan

Why is gamified sales training necessary to develop a world-class sales team?

Ask yourself-- is your new hire training everything it needs to be to prepare your employees for today’s business challenges? If you have a feeling that your training could be even a little bit better, consider these sobering statistics:
  • 26% of reps say their sales training is ineffective
  • 64% of all knowledge is lost within 8 hours of any training session
  • 25% Increase in sales is possible through the right gamification approach

So, this proves that a gamified sales training plan is the need of the hour. SmartWinnr’s gamified platform provides an innovative approach to engage your team with their training and prepares them to be sales-ready.

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